The most important Czechoslovak car racing legends during interwar period were race to the hill Zbraslav – Jíloviště and Grand prix at Masaryk circuit and race of 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia held by Autoklub Republiky Československé during years 1933, 1934 and 1935 on the track from Prague to Bratislava.

The Autoklub of the Republic of Czechoslovakia announced the intention of organizing a race of 1000 miles for travel cars, including the propositions of the competition and conditions of participation, in magazine Auto in February 1933 on 10 and 11 June 1933. The race was built as a ride on track Prague – Brno – Bratislava – Brno – Prague, with this track being ride twice without interruption. Completly, roughly 1,600 kilometers of ride without interruption, which was also more difficult because the competition was started in the afternoon and was overnight.  The race was declared as a competition, but it was immediately clear from the propositions that it is actually a speed race on open roads, where was necessary to understand that under the term open track was ment that the track is not closed for public traffic.

First year of race started on 10 of June 1933 start of 75 category. (Archiv: A. Paul)

Four roller Aero “Lochnesska” of Bohumil Turk overtakes car of Walter Junior S with crew Mandra – Trouba.


The materials were used with the permission of the author of the 1000 Czechoslovak books by Peter Kožíšek.