Timetable and organization of acceptance and initiation 1000 mil československých 2019.


Dear friends, competitors.

Thanks to the cooperation with Autoklub ČR we achieved almost impossible goal – this year the vintage cars competition for real sportsmans will start again from Opletalova Street and the facilities for acceptance including refreshments during and breakfast will take place in the premises of the historical building of the Autoclub of Czech Republic. Opletalova Street will be closed for our purposes from Wednesday 12. 6. from 12:30 to Thursday 13. 6. until 8:00 am and the site will be fenced and guarded by 10 security agency staff members during whole night.

Acceptance of crews and their cars will take place on Wednesday 12. 6. from 13:00 to 16:00.

The place for the parking of tows and accompanying vehicles is again in limited quantities provided at the NTM premises at Masaryk Station and behind the NTM building at Letná. Please, for this reason all the crews if it is at least possible come on your own.

The competition cars will be ordered according to starting numbers. Due to amount of receved applications the entire area of Opletalova Street will be fully filled with cars and their order will not be changed in any way. For this reason, it is necessary for crews to arrive at acceptance at their designated time as indicated in the attached file “Acceptance Table”. Upon arrival at Opletalova Street, which will be possible only from the direction of the city center, you will be directed by the organizers in yellow vests with the 1000-mile logo and will direct your car exactly to the place where the cars will start at 1 minute intervals.

After the car is parked, the crew have to go to administrative check-up to the ground floor of the Autoclub, where they receive a bag with all the essentials (starting numbers, front plastic tables, tags for both crew members, time cards, check diary with all marked times of individual time checks, form for accommodation in Bratislava, metal label 1 000 mil 2019 for eventual installation in the engine compartment, polo shirt and hat with logo of the competition). After the check-in you will have enough time to install the start numbers and plastic tables, as well as a small snack, visit the gallery of  1000 miles and visit the 5th floor of the building, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Prague.

At 16:15, we go together to the prepared buses, which will take us to the newly opened PRAGA museum in Zbuzany.

There is a program prepared for you which starts from 17.00:

Welcome drink with surprise, tour of the renovated museums, banquet and then discussion with the riders. Expected departure by bus back to Opletalova street between 20:00 and 20:30.

At the end of this long text I turn to you all once again with a request if you really follow the timetable of arrival to Opletalova Street in front of the Autoclub building. It is a necessity due to the fact that the start of 1000 miles of Čs will take place from the authentic spaces in the center of Prague, from where the original races started and where the famous drivers during the interwar period met.

We can’t wait to meet you all!

For all the organizers

Miroslav Krejsa

In Jablonec n.N. 20.5.2019