Year 2018, held June 14-16, June

This year’s 1,000-mile Czechoslovak race is being held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic. Vehicle scrutineering and start of the race are moved to Opletalova Street in front of the Autoklub of the Czech Republic. Competitors move to the same area where the pre-war races started. Here will be ready facility for competitors for both days including the Wednesday refreshments during scrutineering and breakfast in front of the race. This year are participants passing a part of the original Grand Prix of the Czechoslovak Republic on the Masaryk Circuit. Competitors will pass through the most famous section of the track at that time, the Ostrovačice, Farin’s bend and on the descending from the Myslivna will reach the original depot with boxes, where a special exam také place. The route from Brno to Bratislava and on Saturday from Bratislava to Brno, the participants will go this year in a reverse direction than in previous years. The finish of the first day and background of the whole Slovak section will be in the center of Bratislava on Hviezdoslavovo Square and at the Carlton Hotel, a gala evening také place again at Pálfy Palace and this year’s whole competition will again end with the announcement of results in the premises of the Prague National Technical Museum.
We are looking forward to your participation and we hope that this year’s 1,000-mile Czechoslovak race will prepare a lot of unforgettable experiences.

For the organizer team

Miroslav Krejsa

Director of the 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia 2018